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Top 10 Reasons You Need a Professional Copywriter


Copywriting Tips

9.Your current copywriter apparently thinks that “C-level” communication stands for Crappy.

8.You were really impressed with the Poet Laureate you hired until your site copy was written in Iambic Pentameter.

7.Your marketing copy has achieved worldwide acclaim as a downloadable sleep remedy.

6.You are celebrating your site’s dramatic leap to the 40th page in the Search Engine Rankings.

5.You are not buying your writer’s “creative license” excuse in the indiscriminate spelling of there, their, and they’re.

4.Your blog only gets comments from spammers, stalkers and that weird guy you knew in high school.

3.Your social media writer is using your Twitter account to pick up chicks.

2.Your current business writer thinks “conversion” means some sort of sex change operation.

1.Your current copywriter can’t count to 10.

It’s Live! Dig the New Digby & Rose Website.


Digby & Rose Web Design

Our new website for Digby & Rose, a premier Washington, DC invitation design and print studio, is up and bringing in visitors. The new site, built upon WordPress (previously Flash-driven) showcases the firm’s gorgeous Letterpress Light® creations and fully activates social media marketing.

New Shout Brigade Sign: We’ve Planted Our Flag!


Shout Brigade Sign from Sidewalk

Shout Brigade has been hard at work for a few months now, but it somehow feels more official now that we’ve hung up our sign! Our offices at 3711 Macomb St NW are ideally located for a busy creative crew that burns more than a few ounces of midnight oil crafting websites and devising the next big social media campaign.

Shout Brigade Sign

It’s a pretty cool space, with room to grow as we expand our ranks to accommodate our growing business. Shout Brigade offices are right above Cactus Cantina and next door to Two Amys, who fuel our creative juices with incredible food and frosty drinks. Down the hall is Digby & Rose so we are also in fabulous design company.

If you are in the area, stop by and say hello. Coffee is on us!

Creating an Inviting, Powerful Website for DC’s Digby & Rose


Digby and Rose Mockup

When asked if we could create a more compelling, social media smart website for Washington DC’s Digby & Rose, we RSVP’d with a resounding, “Yes!”

If you don’t already know, Digby & Rose is the name behind the most prestigious hand-pressed Letterpress Light® invitations and business cards in the Washington, DC area. If you visit their current site, you’ll find it quite lovely, but it can work oh so much harder in terms of web design that drives inbound marketing and social media.

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Two New Clients and the Unique Ways They Inspire Creativity


At Shout Brigade, our daily work spans all kinds of businesses, consumer and B2B. Whether its crafting a social media plan or building a brand new brand or website, the realm of creative marketing allows us to meet remarkable people and immerse ourselves in a vast diversity of businesses and their challenges. It is, to me, the best thing about being in the social media, web design and branding world.

Each client feeds the “creative spark” in different ways.

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Hello Washington, DC. We Do Branding, Web Design & Social Media Marketing.



Welcome to Shout Brigade! We are a Branding, Web Design, and Social Media Marketing Agency and we’ve just moved into a humble little studio in the beautiful Cleveland Park neighborhood of NW Washington, DC. Our team is comprised of accomplished collective of designers, developers, writers and marketers who hail from the top ranks of DC area advertising and brand-building agencies and social media marketing, interactive and design firms.

Our Doors are Open!

So… please come visit us. We’d love to talk to you about your Branding, Web Design, or Social Media Marketing needs. We’re conveniently located for a lunch drop by. We’ve got 2 Amys on one side of us, Cactus Cantina on the other side, and Cafe Deluxe just around the corner. And, for dessert, you can grab a cupcake across the street at Something Sweet.