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Best Free Business Directory Listings for Local Searches


Free, yes free. The following is a list of Local Business Directories that offer free listings for your business. We recommend urge every business to take advantage of these listings as they will greatly increase your website’s local search visibility. We will be posting more comprehensive instructions and listings in the near future. Sign up for our newsletter if you are small business looking for regularly posted tips on growing your business through social media and online marketing.

Google Places

Google Places
Add Listing:


Add Listing:


Add Listing:

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Top 10 Reasons You Need a Real Social Media Marketing Firm


Copywriting Tips

10.Your only Facebook Fans are your Aunt Helga, a hooker and that weird guy you knew in high school.

9.Your website gets fewer hits than the Yankees off steroids.

8.For cryin’ out loud. What the hell do you tweet about industrial hose couplings? And no, they are not sexual enhancement devices.

7.Your most recent social media campaign went “viral”. Unfortunately it consisted of texting pictures of your junk.     

6.You are celebrating your site’s dramatic leap to the 40th page in the Search Engine Rankings.

5.Your blog only gets comments from spammers, stalkers…and that weird guy you knew in high school. 

4.The only YouTube presence you have is that unfortunate appearance in Girls Gone Wild 5.

3.The last response to your newsletter was a nasty spam report from a monkey.

2.Your current social media company is using your Twitter account to pick up chicks.
1.That “hot young expert” you hired thinks that “ROI” is a trendy new beer.

Does Your Web Content Suck? How to Tell With One Single Word


Copywriting Sucks

There’s probably nothing more daunting than writing your own company’s marketing copy or web content. It’s like writing about yourself, or your wedding vows. Cold sweat ensues. Is this good copy? Will it get results? Or worse, where the heck do I even begin?

As a professional advertising and web copywriter of 20+ years, I am pleased to offer up a single, simple, powerful way to make sure every word you put down on paper will do what’s intended: move the needle on your business. Yep, it’s true: One single simple word has the power to vet your finely crafted verbiage for the holy mother of all marketing sins: serving up a boring compendium of information bereft of benefit and meaning for your customers.

And that word is….SO.

Those two letters, “so”, as in “so what”, can be a powerful way to make sure your web content isn’t talking to yourself, you are relating your company’s benefits to your customer, connecting the best of what you offer to satisfy a real need or want.

Great copy is not about you. It’s about them, your customers.

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6 Rules to Evaluating a Web Design Company


Web Design Company Checklist

Whether you are investing $5K or $50K in a website, you need to know your project is in the right hands. The best way to dial back on risk is to understand what qualities make or break a great web design and social media partner. Anyone can post a great-looking website with samples of work that wows. By digging a little deeper and asking the right questions you can smoke out the posers and know your hard-earned social media marketing and design dollars are in proven, capable hands.

Let’s start with a few basics. You’ve probably been wondering exactly what good web design and social media can do for your business, and how much does it cost to make it happen.

Q:  Will a new website bring me more business?
A:  Yes, if it is built correctly.  No, if it is not. A site in itself is just that: a plethora of pixels taking up space online. A beautifully optimized site turns that space into a beacon of lead generation, drawing customers to your site and converting them into buyers.

Q:  Will social media marketing (SMM) make a difference?
A:  Yes, if it is appropriate for your business.  Many factors need examining before you can have a definitive answer, but like web design, if done correctly, social media marketing can have a tremendous impact on your business.  

Q:  Can you guarantee me top ranking on Google and other search engines?
A:  No.  In fact, anyone who can guarantee that result would know more than the engineers at Google.  Run from anyone who claims this or any type of money back guarantee, because you’ll never see it.

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