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Top 10 Reasons You Need a Professional Copywriter


Copywriting Tips

9.Your current copywriter apparently thinks that “C-level” communication stands for Crappy.

8.You were really impressed with the Poet Laureate you hired until your site copy was written in Iambic Pentameter.

7.Your marketing copy has achieved worldwide acclaim as a downloadable sleep remedy.

6.You are celebrating your site’s dramatic leap to the 40th page in the Search Engine Rankings.

5.You are not buying your writer’s “creative license” excuse in the indiscriminate spelling of there, their, and they’re.

4.Your blog only gets comments from spammers, stalkers and that weird guy you knew in high school.

3.Your social media writer is using your Twitter account to pick up chicks.

2.Your current business writer thinks “conversion” means some sort of sex change operation.

1.Your current copywriter can’t count to 10.

Does Your Web Content Suck? How to Tell With One Single Word


Copywriting Sucks

There’s probably nothing more daunting than writing your own company’s marketing copy or web content. It’s like writing about yourself, or your wedding vows. Cold sweat ensues. Is this good copy? Will it get results? Or worse, where the heck do I even begin?

As a professional advertising and web copywriter of 20+ years, I am pleased to offer up a single, simple, powerful way to make sure every word you put down on paper will do what’s intended: move the needle on your business. Yep, it’s true: One single simple word has the power to vet your finely crafted verbiage for the holy mother of all marketing sins: serving up a boring compendium of information bereft of benefit and meaning for your customers.

And that word is….SO.

Those two letters, “so”, as in “so what”, can be a powerful way to make sure your web content isn’t talking to yourself, you are relating your company’s benefits to your customer, connecting the best of what you offer to satisfy a real need or want.

Great copy is not about you. It’s about them, your customers.

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