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Shout Brigade’s designers are ready to build your brand from the ground up, or revamp your current image into an ownable, memorable and infinitely marketable identity. From complete corporate identity packages to trade show presence and packaging, our body of experienced, versatile design talent will make your brand the one to beat in DC and beyond. Our award-winning branding specialists hail from a variety of disciplines in both consumer and B2B marketing. We know brand strategy. We are armed with an arsenal of art talent. And we bring to you brand development experience for blue chip companies across the globe. Let us build a brand voice, look and feel that makes your company and product unforgettable.

Web Design

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Web design best practices change at lightening speed. Put your web design and development into the hands of progressive, marketing-smart designers that meld beautiful aesthetics with the height of inbound marketing strategy. Our 360 design approach elevates your website into the super tool it should be: Smart, simple, user-friendly and original…with the power to drive your business. Our websites leverage the best in social media marketing and best practices. Your website will get you found—and attract followers—on the internet. Why settle for a “website” when you can have an active, far-reaching sales weapon pulling in customers 24/7?

Social Media

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Today, the battlefield for brand awareness, customer loyalty and brand share is a digital one. Shout Brigade is your resource for every facet of the social media arena, from preliminary research to content development and metrics. We help you determine your social media goals and strategies, find out where your customers are online and how to engage them. Our social media marketing programs are designed to create and activate communities of loyal customers. We will show you a world beyond “tweeting” and “friending” that means measurable results, new customers, a boost in brand awareness, greater lead generation, more sales. Social media marketing should be the most powerful weapon in your marketing toolkit. We will unleash it for you.

Shout Brigade offers a variety of social media marketing and management packages to suit any budget. From complete, turnkey planning and implementation to weekly management and training, we’re ready to make your social media mission a success!


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It really is true: You are only as good as you look on paper. It may be a digital world, but your visual image is still vital to creating an impact in the marketplace. Every business card or brochure you hand out leaves a lasting impression. Shout Brigade will make your visual communications sing with graphic design that’s every bit as smart as it looks. You will work with a team that plans your marketing messaging and visual approach to create impact and action. Talk to us about your design challenges. We have a battalion of great ideas!


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Video is fast becoming a powerful weapon in online communications and in the marketplace. Internet shoppers are proven to be “skimmers”; in other words, you can’t depend on a lot of copy to make a sale. Web video allows you to engage, entertain and convert site visitors to buyers with engaging content. Video is a great way to showcase the benefits of complex or technical products and services with simplicity and tremendous appeal. Our Telly Award-winning video writers and designers can produce cost-effective, powerful video communications that educate with ease, motive your employees, announce your new product with a bang or make your blog the industry’s best with streaming video. Do you look longingly at companies that carved out a place on YouTube with viral impact? Pick up the phone. We’ll turn your Washington, DC business into to the talk of the Tube!

Training & Consulting

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Social media is probably the fastest-growing—and changing—marketing medium to date. The biggest challenge our clients have voiced is simply catching up on the learning curve and getting their internal team up to speed on how to harness social media for their company’s best benefit. The speedy evolution of social media marketing has taken even progressive, marketing-savvy companies by surprise. They know they need to be using social media….but exactly how do they do it?

Shout Brigade to the rescue!

We offer a variety of consulting and training programs that will help your company tap into the power of social media and start reaping its rewards. From Shout Brigade Bootcamps to one-on-one consulting, we are ready to help you understand social media’s power, its tools and its place in your marketing goals.

Social Media Measurement

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If there’s one thing you need to recognize about the power of social media marketing, it’s this: everything you do is measurable. Unlike brand advertising, where you may invest hundreds of thousands of dollars and never know if it resulted in a single sale, social media tactics are supported by the power of analytics, reporting, statistics and reports. What’s more, when social media is part of your integrated marketing program, you can use it to give your brand advertising and marketing strategies the power of measurement—or accountability—as well. Wouldn’t it be nice to know if your marketing dollars are earning their feed? Tracking tools, content, analytics and other methodologies ensure you are reaching the right customers in the right place and your social media investment is getting results.

Shout Brigade employs the most progressive social media measurement tools and strategies from program development through reporting. We want to know we have the right customers, the right touch points, the right creative concepts, the right content and the right strategy. In short, we develop smart, results-driven social media programs that make it happen. And we’re happy to prove it.


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A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the pen is the mighty sword when it comes to social media marketing. The internet is a world of engagement, interaction….it’s about talking to people. In fact, really great copywriting is really just that: It makes a connection between a human need and a want. It compels a prospect to reach out and act. Shout Brigade does amazing things in the way of busting down barriers between brands and consumers and helping companies form powerful, loyal alliances with supportive fans. And they do it with compelling online communications as well as advertising, marketing and public relations copy. If you need words with the power to conquer hearts and minds, call in the Word Mercenaries at Shout Brigade.