Kat Downend

Chief Word Mercenary / Co-Founder

Kat Downend has 20 years’ experience at leading ad agencies including TracyLocke/DDB Needham. She has led the charge as the Creative Director, Senior Copywriter and Concept Director on Pepsi, Nokia and other global brands, consumer and B2B.

An abundance of ADDY, CLIO, AD Club Best in Show and other awards grace her office, providing a fabulous way to display her collection of dangly earrings. She is also quite proud of a direct marketing campaign that earned a response from Bill Gates (Hey, that guy’s busy).

As the Brigade’s Chief Word Mercenary, Kat wields a pen armed with strategic savvy and an endless well of imagination to captivate and compel through social media, branding and communications.

When Kat is not at the office, she spends her time gallivanting with her ginormous Alaskan Malamute and pursuing the perfect pomegranate martini. She also dabbles in sculpture but is fairly certain her skills will never surpass her early achievements with the Play-Doh Fun Factory.

Cary Scott

Chief Propaganda Officer / Co-Founder

How do you propel a 15-year career as a web design specialist into the co-creator of a leading social media marketing firm? Easy. You attain the nuclear arsenal of knowledge and strategy that flows from the pen tip of Cary Scott. As our CPO, Cary applies a hat trick wealth of web design, SEO and social media marketing expertise to create websites that are visually stunning, structurally flawless and, most importantly, propaganda powerhouses that draw hordes of visitors, create loyal brand advocates and keep ‘em coming back for more.

For our clients, Cary is a bold and brilliant lighthouse of expertise in a sea of shallow social media practitioners.

When he’s not empowering clients with propaganda, you can find Cary fueling his java script with quality java at the local coffeehouse and spending time with his beautiful wife and baby girl. Having enjoyed a brief career as a yo-yo expert, Cary still thrills in all that unwinds…in the form of pathways, that is. On a given Saturday, you’ll catch him on his bike, negotiating the meandering beauty of the Mount Vernon Trail.