Research & Analysis

When you’re fighting for market share, information is power. Do you need accurate intel on your adversaries, a better grasp on your customers or the lay of the land for your next industry? Let Shout Brigade establish the groundwork for your success with in-depth research and analysis. We run current brand assessments, deliver the scoop on competitors and provide valuable consumer insights and relevant industry trends.

Number 1

Brand Strategy

A strong brand strategy is the cornerstone of your marketing. It is both a powerful foundation and a vision of where you want to be. Shout Brigade crafts every design strategy only upon thoughtful and experienced analysis of your company’s voice, vision and goals. The result is intelligent, impactful design that delivers a brand you can bank on.

Number 2

Creative Design

The creative crew at Shout Brigade has racked up the industry’s most prestigious accolades for creativity. If we had to pinpoint what we are known for, we might be inclined to say “bold, dynamic work.” But, the fact is, our creative design is off the charts for an even more pertinent reason: It’s great design for your business, your brand, your style.

Number 3

Brand Integration

In the world of branding, consistency conquers all. Before we whip out our creative pens and programs, Shout Brigade carefully develops a Digital Marketing Strategy. We look at the big picture (we’re talking brand panorama here). We assess the goals of your website, your brand image, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (smm), email marketing. Then we use our technical savvy, marketing expertise and design and branding magic to create a powerful, cohesive platform across all mediums.

Number 4

Deploy & Manage

OK, so you have a fantastic website up and running. What happens now? Never fear; our allegiance remains strong to ensure our mission is truly accomplished. After your site is up or print project complete, we provide you with the final files in printer-ready format. But we don’t stop there. While most designers may fold up their laptops and make a hasty retreat, we soldier on. Online and offline metrics measure performance to ensure our work delivers as promised. If we need to tweak our strategy, we do so. Your ongoing success is paramount to us!

Number 5