Engage. Connect. Conquer.

An endless stockpile of social media expertise. A powerful ally in your battle for consumer brand engagement.

Your ability to compel consumers to evaluate and advocate for your brand is a necessary component in an effective marketing battle plan. You are fighting to be heard above the competition. To raise your brand voice above the clutter. To have your competitive advantage known and renowned in Washington, DC and beyond.

Your company should be the talk of the town. Personal recommendations—and recriminations—from social media outlets shape the collective voice of your brand. The digital world is a nonstop social symphony of brand assessment.

Right now, consumers are using myriad social media touch points to consider, evaluate and bond with your brand. Shout Brigade commands and rallies consumers at each and every point of engagement, creating a vast, vocal army of loyal supporters.

Shout Brigade creates loyal brand communities.

We are an accomplished collective of designers, developers, writers and marketers who hail from the top ranks of DC area advertising and brand-building agencies and social media marketing, interactive and design firms. Our talents are diverse. We’ve commanded the creative and social media development for businesses in DC and brands around the globe. But we each share a singular, extraordinary expertise that wins the war for clients like you: A command of social media marketing. It is a discipline that requires art and science. We harness both in your battle for brand dominance.

Our weapons of choice? Extraordinary social media marketing and monitoring, SEO, web design, and branding and corporate identity.

About a mile away from a world where “experts” tweet and “artists” create pretty logos and websites lies the strategic front line of social media marketing expertise. That is where you’ll find the Shout Brigade—armed with the ability to engage, connect and conquer.

Are you ready to rally your brand for victory? We’re ready to raise your voice.