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Washington DC Food Truck Revolution Infographic


Student Design Project Series

For our first Student Design Project Series we hired Nikolena Sidler, a student at Georgetown’s Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts to design an infographic poster to represent the growing trend of Washington DC Food Trucks. What she came up with is a great overview of DC Food Trucks, including how they use social media to generate business and communicate with customers, a general daily schedule of operations, and even a list of her choice of the area’s top ten Food Trucks. We think she did a great job. Let us know what you think.

Washington DC Food Truck Infographic

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Top 10 Washington DC Food Trucks

Top DC Food Trucks

Fojol Bros.

Cuisine: Indian

Distric Taco

Cuisine: Mexican

Red Hook Lobster Pound

Cuisine: Seafood


Cusisine: Korean BBQ

Tasty Kabob

Cuisine: Middle Eastern


Cuisine: Gourmet Pasta

District of Pi

Cuisine: Pizza

Curbside Cupcakes

Cuisine: Cupcakes

BBQ Bandidos

Cuisine: Mexican BBQ


Cuisine: International

Nickolena Sidler is a graphic, web and brand designer and the founder of CutPaste Designs. Her blog, DesignFoundThought narrates her adventures of working in the design world and what she has learned along the way. She can be contacted at nickolenasidler [at] me [dot] com.

The 10 Best Food Truck Web Designs of Washington DC


Food truck mania has swept the country over the last couple years and that is very evident here in Washington, DC. Tacos, hot dogs, cheesesteaks, rice bowls, kabobs, cupcakes, crepes… you can find almost any food you can think of out there on the streets of metropolitan DC.

Social media has played a big role in the marketing of these businesses, especially Twitter. You can follow your favorite food truck on Twitter to get the latest specials and find out exactly where the truck is parked on any given day. It’s obvious that they are all doing a decent job with social media but how well do their websites match up? Well, I did some research with the help of Food Truck Fiesta, which has a great list of DC Food Trucks and links to their websites. So I now present to you the best of Washington DC Food Trucks web design. (In alphabetical order.)


AZNeats Food Truck

District Taco

District Taco Food Truck

Fojol Bros. of Merlindia(?)

Fojol Bros Food Truck


Go Fish Food Truck

Hula Girl Truck

Hula Girl Food Truck

Red Hook Lobster Pound

Red Hook Lobster Pound Food Truck

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Top 10 Reasons You Need a Professional Copywriter


Copywriting Tips

9.Your current copywriter apparently thinks that “C-level” communication stands for Crappy.

8.You were really impressed with the Poet Laureate you hired until your site copy was written in Iambic Pentameter.

7.Your marketing copy has achieved worldwide acclaim as a downloadable sleep remedy.

6.You are celebrating your site’s dramatic leap to the 40th page in the Search Engine Rankings.

5.You are not buying your writer’s “creative license” excuse in the indiscriminate spelling of there, their, and they’re.

4.Your blog only gets comments from spammers, stalkers and that weird guy you knew in high school.

3.Your social media writer is using your Twitter account to pick up chicks.

2.Your current business writer thinks “conversion” means some sort of sex change operation.

1.Your current copywriter can’t count to 10.

It’s Live! Dig the New Digby & Rose Website.


Digby & Rose Web Design

Our new website for Digby & Rose, a premier Washington, DC invitation design and print studio, is up and bringing in visitors. The new site, built upon WordPress (previously Flash-driven) showcases the firm’s gorgeous Letterpress Light® creations and fully activates social media marketing.