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New Shout Brigade Sign: We’ve Planted Our Flag!


Shout Brigade Sign from Sidewalk

Shout Brigade has been hard at work for a few months now, but it somehow feels more official now that we’ve hung up our sign! Our offices at 3711 Macomb St NW are ideally located for a busy creative crew that burns more than a few ounces of midnight oil crafting websites and devising the next big social media campaign.

Shout Brigade Sign

It’s a pretty cool space, with room to grow as we expand our ranks to accommodate our growing business. Shout Brigade offices are right above Cactus Cantina and next door to Two Amys, who fuel our creative juices with incredible food and frosty drinks. Down the hall is Digby & Rose so we are also in fabulous design company.

If you are in the area, stop by and say hello. Coffee is on us!

Lipstick on a Pig: A Beautiful Website… with Bad Branding


B2B branding expertise

Most business owners understand that their biggest marketing battles are fought in the digital world. Hand over your business card or make a phone call and the first thing potential customers do is go to your website. Right now, a vast sea of potential clients are assessing, discussing and hopefully, recommending your company or brand. Hence the drive for getting a powerful website and social media program up and running PDQ…Just don’t forget to get your “brand house” in order before you get the ball rolling. Effective branding is the only way to ensure that your website and social media does your company, and what it stands for, justice. And that goes for your site, social media, advertising or any other form of marketing.

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