Two New Clients and the Unique Ways They Inspire Creativity


At Shout Brigade, our daily work spans all kinds of businesses, consumer and B2B. Whether its crafting a social media plan or building a brand new brand or website, the realm of creative marketing allows us to meet remarkable people and immerse ourselves in a vast diversity of businesses and their challenges. It is, to me, the best thing about being in the social media, web design and branding world.

Each client feeds the “creative spark” in different ways.

The Ley Group

The Ley Group Logo

This week, we welcome The Ley Group, a remodeling and design firm that specializes in high-end, superbly crafted homes and commercial properties. To speak with Simon Ley is a rare chance to hear a personal commitment to extraordinary design and excellence in craft ring true in every word. It’s not a business; it’s a passion. As creative “craftsmen”, we can’t help but relate. To be honest, The Ley Group had us at “portfolio.” Their work, whether modern, traditional or anything in betwixt is, simply, exquisite. But then, you’d expect that from a carpenter who proved his talent by working on homes belonging to the likes of Cher and Versace. Wowie!

We look forward to creating a web and social media presence that will do justice to The Ley Group’s extraordinary work.

Check back as we post our progress as The Ley Group web design comes to life!

The Vienna Health Improvement Center

The Vienna Health Improvement Center Log

Like us, you are sitting at a computer right now. Like us, you probably find yourself in said location for many hours of the day. Which could mean a few things: Like you are a hard-working soul or, perhaps, addicted to porn. (Hey, we don’t judge.) Regardless, you are not at the gym and you just might have a bag of Cheese Doodles by your side because you are just too damn busy to eat a healthy lunch. Alas, we feel you.

Hence our excitement at the prospect of bolstering the branding, revamping the website and revving up social media for the Vienna Health Improvement Center. If, like us, you have tried so many diets you could make Oprah look like an amateur, you need to check out VHIC. The joint expertise of Dr. Katie and Dr. Mark, who both have a Masters Certification in Nutrition Response, has created such a smart, personalized and PROVEN program we all were immediately infused with the idea that: Wow, they can really make this happen for me. Finally.

You will also love the atmosphere. Welcoming, warm…human. You get a distinct sense VHIC truly cares about your success and the experience. We love being there and so will you. Their current website does not do this remarkable weight loss center, nor the people who make it so special, justice. We at Shout Brigade are so excited to make that happen!

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