Top 10 Reasons You Need a Real Social Media Marketing Firm


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10.Your only Facebook Fans are your Aunt Helga, a hooker and that weird guy you knew in high school.

9.Your website gets fewer hits than the Yankees off steroids.

8.For cryin’ out loud. What the hell do you tweet about industrial hose couplings? And no, they are not sexual enhancement devices.

7.Your most recent social media campaign went “viral”. Unfortunately it consisted of texting pictures of your junk.     

6.You are celebrating your site’s dramatic leap to the 40th page in the Search Engine Rankings.

5.Your blog only gets comments from spammers, stalkers…and that weird guy you knew in high school. 

4.The only YouTube presence you have is that unfortunate appearance in Girls Gone Wild 5.

3.The last response to your newsletter was a nasty spam report from a monkey.

2.Your current social media company is using your Twitter account to pick up chicks.
1.That “hot young expert” you hired thinks that “ROI” is a trendy new beer.

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